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1. Madras Seva Sadan Higher Secondary School for Girls
Towards the above objectives the late Founders Sir & Lady M.Venkatasubba Rao started with great foresight a school for girls to impart education so that this qualification would give them not only opportunities for better employment but also dignity. This school started in 1930 has in course of time developed into a Higher Secondary School from Std.I to Std. XII.

2. Madras Seva Sadan Industrial School
There are again another category of helpless young women and girls who show no aptitude for higher studies. This category of young girls and women are coached to study upto the High School , after which they are admitted into our Industrial School recognized by the Tamil Nadu Government. Here they study various aspects of Tailoring, Embroidery and Dressmaking. This is a two year course leading to the Industrial School Leaving Certificate Course Examination. After they pass this examination, they may opt to study one more year in the Industrial School and qualify themselves for the Teacher Training Course. These girls find ready employment as Craft and Needlework teachers. Some of them are employed in our Vocational Center & Higher Secondary Schools.

3. Vocational Centre
For those destitute women, deserted wives, helpless widows who have no education and are too old to start schooling, vocational guidance is imparted in the Vocational Center. In the early stages, vocational guidance was imparted in handicrafts like lace work, weaving, rattan work, music(vocal and instrumental), embroidery and dressmaking.
With the passage of time, there were certain items of handicrafts in the Vocational Center which had become outmoded and as a result, there has been a necessity to give up some and take on new types and methods. The centre now specializes in Leather work.

4. Rehabilitation Centre
In 1963 Lady Venkatasubba Rao started a further great humanitarian Rehabilitation Programme viz., Rehabilitation of Cured Mental Patients. These Patients are sent by the Government Institute of Mental Health, Kilpauk, as they are cured and have no one to keep or care for them. These women are rehabilitated and employed in the various sections of The Madras Seva Sadan. At that time it was remarked by the Tamil Nadu Women’s Welfare Department that, “So far this is the only Voluntary Welfare Institution which has boldly come forward to maintain Ex-Mental Patients when even their relatives refuse to take them back”.

5. Home for Destitute Women and Children
Socially handicapped persons are accommodated in cottages in our spacious grounds. The younger girls study in our Higher Secondary School or Industrial School. The older girls & women find employment in our other sections.

6. Working Women’s Hostel
The Madras Seva Sadan was perhaps the first institution of its kind to provide hostel facilities for working women. The Madras Seva Sadan provided hostel accommodation for about 10 working women as early as 1930. From these beginnings over today about 100 working women are accommodated in the Working Women’s Hostel.

7. Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao Matriculation Higher Secondary School
To commemorate the memory of the late founder, Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao School was started on 11th June 1987. It coaches children for the Tamil Nadu Matriculation & Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination. The Lower classes follow the Montessori method of imparting knowledge. It includes an Activity Centre for pre schoolers. The school has excellent facilities for various outdoor and indoor, co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

8. Shanthi Sadan
Shanthi Sadan is a Senior Citizens Abode for ladies over 60 years of age. It is housed in the Thatikonda Nancharamma Building.

The 6 lane 25 metre swimming pool is a hive of activity from 5 a.m. onwards till light off at 7.30p.m. Swimmers trained at ORCA are doing excellently at the highest levels. Inter-School and even International competitions are held regularly at the very popular pool.

10. Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Auditorium Complex
Created as a memorial for our Founder, the late justice Sir.M. Venkatasubba Rao and for the preservation & propagation of Indian & all other forms of art & culture. The complex consists of an 1100 two level air-conditioned theatre with a 2600sq.ft. stage, a 200 seater open-air stage, a 4786 sq.ft. multipurpose hall for exhibitions, workshops, seminars, etc., a reference library for performing arts, an art gallery and a coffee shop. Equipped with some of the most advanced audio-visual & lighting equipment, this complex will be a one-stop shop which can cater to anything form a solo performance, a street play, to a philharmonic orchestra, scheduled to open in march 2007.

11. Pravartanalaya
An institute where free training is given for economically backward girls and women in Home Nursing and Geriatric care and Computers.

12. City Shandy
An avenue for small entrepreneurs, NGOs and self help groups to showcase and sell their products, held every month.

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