Prem Vihar - Social Work Centre

Prem Vihar is an umbrella for many social work initiatives all threaded together with a common theme of empowerment

Prem Vihar - A Beacon of Compassion and Legacy

Prem Vihar, a touching tribute to the Late Honorary General Secretary, Mrs. C. Prema Kumar, is more than just a physical structure. It embodies the dreams and compassionate vision of the Founders, Sir Mutha & Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao.

Prem Vihar is an extension of a dream that traces its history back to the very beginning of The Madras Seva Sadan. It started in 1942, by providing shelter and refuge to 80 evacuees from Burma, who were displaced during World War II. The dream was further consolidated with the construction of the current 73,000 sq.ft haven for underprivileged women and children in 2019.

The home continues to be a refuge for women and children even today. The aim is to provide mental, physical and spiritual well-being to all of them. Additionally, various vocational skills are imparted, along with academic skills to ensure that women and children have the necessary life skills to succeed outside the campus walls.

Nurturing Dreams, Building Futures

At the heart of Prem Vihar, covering 3 floors, are dormitories which offer free residential accommodation to women and children.

The first 2 floors cater to girl children below the age of 18, while the 3rd floor has been allocated for the economic rehabilitation of women.

In service of residents, the ground floor of Prem Vihar houses a recreation and TV room, a medical bay, and a spacious, well ventilated and well-lit dining hall that is attached to an industrial kitchen.

Co-Working Spaces

Prem Vihar provides free space to five NGO's who work in the areas of rehabilitation, empowerment and vocational needs individuals. The NGO's housed in Prem Vihar work with varied groups of special needs that include cerebral palsy, visual impairment, and intellectual & developmental disabilities.

Vocational Training

Prem Vihar, a dedicated space allocated for basic vocational training sprawls over 5015 sq.ft. space dedicated for vocational training aimed to enhance employability and to empower the youth. Operating under the auspices of funding and implementing partners, skill training is offered to beneficiaries through well-structured training programs which offers them dignity and stability.

Use Of The 2000 sq.ft Conference Hall

Prem Vihar provides it's conference hall on-demand, and free of charge, to NGO's and other self-help groups who require a seminar hall to conduct any free workshops or awareness campaigns in support of their cause and/ or area of service.

Clean energy & other sustainable initiatives

Prem Vihar actively supports various sustainable initiatives like clean energy via solar power, rainwater harvesting, and an integrated sewage treatment plant (STP). The STP is based on Vortex DEWATS technology, while the solar plant a state-of-the-art elevated rooftop solar plant.

Crafting Lives, Fostering Community

What sets Prem Vihar apart is its commitment to 'Collaboration' and 'Empowerment'.

Within its walls, individuals are not only provided with shelter, but also, equipped with vocational skills that nurture creativity and independence. The co-working space further extends its impact by providing free resources for awareness programmes, workshops, and training sessions for other NGOs and Non-Profits.

Beyond a physical structure, Prem Vihar is a hub striving towards positive community impact by encapsulating the ideals of The Madras Seva Sadan. It stands as a living testament to the belief that every individual, regardless of circumstance, deserves an opportunity to thrive.

In honouring the legacy of its Founders, Prem Vihar emerges as a space of love, resilience, and transformation. It is not just a shelter; it is a commitment to a brighter future, where compassion knows no bounds and service to humanity continues with unwavering dedication.

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Tech Mahindra Smart Centre @ Prem Vihar

A look inside prem vihar

A painting of Mrs. C. Prema Kumar adorns the visitors’ lobby

Well designed outdoor areas

Spacious and well ventilated building

Dormitory in Prem Vihar

Well equipped, water closets and shower cubicles

2800 sq.ft of dinning hall with seating capacity of 200 children at a time

Conference hall for conducting training and workshops

800 sq.ft Recreation room

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