Shanthi Sadan - Old Age Home

Housed in the Thatikonda Nancharamma Building, Shanthi Sadan offers a nurturing abode for ladies over the age of 60.

Facilitating Senior Living

Shanthi Sadan a unit of the Madras Seva Sadan, strives to maintain the objectives of the Founders:

1. To provide an atmosphere of friendliness

2. Fellowship

3. To ensure that all residents of the home are assured of care and service

Founded in 1989, Shanthi Sadan is located in the heart of the city and is nestled in a serene garden setting. Shanthi Sadan is a full service home, providing nourishing meals with house-keeping services and round-the-clock professional nursing care.

The residents of Shanthi Sadan enjoy the freedom to pursue their hobbies and interests while ensuring a friendly, homely and comfortable atmosphere in the premises.

Creating Comfortable Living Spaces

Shanthi Sadan is designed to be a Senior Citizen's abode. It offers comfortable living spaces for its residents. The Thatikonda Nancharamma Building provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere which encourages residents to partake in various activities such as, competitions and movie screenings.

Additionally, the staff is trained to care for senior citizens, with a fully equipped medical bay close by and doctors available on call, 24/7 for any emergencies.

Nurturing Community and Celebrating Life

What sets Shanthi Sadan apart, is our commitment to building a supportive and vibrant community. The Home's unique atmosphere of joy and companionship is celebrated through community engagement, cultural celebrations, and regular, fun-filled activities.

The integration of seniors with children and ladies from Prem Vihar, creates a unique atmosphere of shared joy and companionship.

There is special focus on providing long-term healthcare and wellness, in order to ensure that the ladies live their lives to the fullest.

Video Gallery

For ladies aged 60 and above, nestled in Thatikonda Nancharamma Building

Competitions and movie screenings for a vibrant lifestyle

Active participation in all major festivals

Interacting with children & women from Prem Vihar

Fostering shared joy and companionship

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