The Madras Seva Sadan Higher Secondary School For Girls

The school fosters excellence, inclusivity, and individual support.

The Madras Seva Sadan Higher Secondary School for Girls

In pursuit of their noble vision, the late Founders, Sir and Lady M. Venkatasubba Rao, embarked on a remarkable journey that began with the establishment of a school, exclusively for girls.

The school, established in 1930, aimed at empowering young girls through education. Which in turn meant opportunities for better employment thus helping them by lead dignified lives.

The students are provided with the best of facilities

What started as a modest initiative has evolved over time into a distinguished Higher Secondary School, from Classes I to XII. The students of The Madras Seva Sadan Higher Secondary School for Girls are provided with the best facilities; well equipped laboratories for science and a computer science lab, to encourage holistic learning.

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity.

This school stands apart by embracing the concept of Grahas (School houses) - Seva, Shantha, Sheela, and Sudha - symbolizing the spirit of service, peace, excellence, and purity.

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, the school houses a Resource Centre dedicated to children with learning difficulties. Specialized support is provided to all students ensuring that every student receives individual attention and has the necessary resources to thrive in today's world.

Most importantly, the children are provided education, completely free of cost, since COVID 19 and are also provided with nutritious meals to ensure their physical well-being.

More recently, the focus on extra- and co-curricular activities has resulted in the creation of an exclusive girls school cricket team, which is among the first in the city.

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Founded in 1930 - one of the oldest girls schools in the country

750+ students, with an 99% pass out average

1:21 - Teacher-Student ratio

Government aided - class I to XII and self financed, english medium - class I to V

Extra & Co-Curricular activities – Cricket, Martial Arts (karate), Siripi, Guides and Bulbuls, and a Marching Band

The curriculum is based on Tamil Nadu State Board syllabus

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