Community Impact In Social Causes

Continuing the tradition of social impact, especially in the lives of Women & Children

From both the founders being recipients of the King George IV & V medals for social work, to Lady Andal being awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind and the Padma Bhushan medals for her exemplary work in bringing transformation into the lives of the downtrodden, philanthropy was woven into the very DNA of the founders.

The Madras Seva Sadan answered the call by the government to provide refuge to 80 Burma war evacuees in 1942. From housing them in humble cottages, it has now evolved into a three storey, 73,000 sq.ft. building that provides free boarding & lodging to 125+ underprivileged women & children.

Additionally, The Madras Seva Sadan also runs a 34,000 sq.ft.assisted living facility for ladies over 60, at a very nominal fee.

The Madras Seva Sadan continues to support multiple social causes working for the upliftment of women & children in need and has since extended it’s support to many fledgling NGOs and Not-For-Profit organisations by providing its facilities for free.

A constant source of pride for The Madras Seva Sadan is that it hosts various NGOs that have been founded by alumni from its many institutions.

The DNA of philanthropy

The Founders began investing very early in caring for marginalized sections of society - especially women & children, in addition to playing a prominent role in other organisations who shared this vision.

Lady Andal with Lady Goshen

Championing the cause of underprivileged women and children

Early 1930s: Lady Andal with Mrs. Annie Besant

Working for women' s emancipation & equal rights

Late 1940s: Sir Mutha, Lady Andal, and Mrs. Edwina Mountbatten

Supporting education for the girl child - when it really mattered

Prem Vihar - continuing the legacy

Preserving & building on the Founder's legacy for the past 90+ Years

Shanti Sadan - Haven For Ladies

An assisted-living haven for Ladies over 60

Established in 1989 spread over 34,000 sq.ft, this haven was built from the ground up with assisted living in mind for elderly women.

With the support of benefactors and patrons of the Madras Seva Sedan, the Thattikonda Nacharamma building, houses more than 20 women, supported by a dedicated team of trained staff, with round-the-clock medical assistance.

Ayyamittu Unn

The students of the Schools of The Madras Seva Sadan, are often the enthusiastic contributors to the community fridge

Ayyamittu Unn is a one-line poem in Tamil, from the collection Aathichoodi, penned by Avvaiyar. It means “share the food with the needy before you eat”. Dr Issa Fathima Jasmine collaborated and guided The Madras Seva Sadan in installing a community fridge outside the campus in Chetpet.

This community fridge, is open 6 days a week from 7am to 9pm with many students from the campus being enthusiastic contributors. Keeping in mind the vision of this community fridge, food can be donated by anybody and any hungry person is welcome to partake of it.

Another initiative following the same suit of the community fridge is found right next to it - a cupboard, where people can leave gently used clothes and other household items for anyone who might have a need for them.

These initiatives instil the values of kindness & sharing in our student community and teaches them how small acts can make a big difference to people in need.

Student - driven community initiatives