Sir Mutha School

Fostering excellence in academics, sports & arts, while creating the next generation of socially aware citizens of India

Sir Mutha School (CBSE Curriculum)

The Sir Mutha School was established in 2012, upholding the same ideals and principles that had made Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao Matriculation School, a hallmark of excellence. Acceding to the requests from parents to have a school that will allow their children to succeed on the national stage, The Madras Seva Sadan invested in setting up a school, in line with the Central Board of Secondary Education framework by the Government of India.

Today, there are more than 1350 students studying in the Sir Mutha School that are being groomed in academic rigor, while also being trained to be socially sensitive and actively contributing citizens of India. Many of Sir Mutha School's alumni boast of state ranks, across disciplines, while others have won national and international recognition in academia, sports, arts and films, to name a few.

Facilities Of Sir Mutha School

Sir Mutha School's well-equipped science and computer laboratories provide students with hands-on learning experiences. This fosters scientific inquiry and technological proficiency. Additionally, all students get exposed to art, both digital and physical, to ensure that they are always provided with alternate avenues to explore their individuality.

Physical fitness and extra-curricular activities are given equal importance at Sir Mutha School. The school features sprawling sports facilities, along with accredited coaches, providing students with opportunities to excel in various sports. Students engage in extra-curricular & co-curricular activities such as scouts, guides and NCC to name a few.

Sports day and Founders Day, find special mention in every student's school calendar. All students, from LKG to XII, enthusiastically participate and showcase their talents in these events.

What is special about us?

The Sir Mutha School's goal is first and foremost to provide a sound academic foundation to students. To ensure this, the school follows The Annual Pedagogical Plan of 2023-2024 that has been prepared in line with the framework provided by the Government of India.

The Pedagogical Plan aligns this framework to the Sir Mutha School's vision that forms the basis of this comprehensive plan. Building the plan involved an in-depth study of the curriculum, manuals and circulars issued by the CBSE. This extensive research by the teachers and principals of the school, while being fully supported by The Madras Seva Sadan's management team.

Notwithstanding focus on academic rigor, the school also actively encourages student driven social & community initiatives. The primary aim of these initiatives is to sensitise students issues in the society. This instils students with strong values, leading them to conduct programmes such as - Fist Full of Grains, Joy Of Giving, Cancer Awareness walks & Beach Clean-up drives – to name just a few.

Sir Mutha School also hosts and conducts the Model United Nations. Besides this, the students have participated in the Model United Nations (MUN) conducted in the United Kingdom.

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Started in 2012, based on the CBSE

1350 Students, from LKG to class XII

Student driven, social initiatives

Host of the prestigious Model United Nations (MUN)

Regular educational excursions within India

Exchange program & global tours

Visits to various countries to foster cross-cultural learning

Co-curricular & extra-curricular activities

Accolades for sporting achievements at State & National level

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